Born in Egypt in 1942.
Obtained four universities degrees, with two PHD researches in the mathematics of the nay and oud.
Was a member of Dr. Gouhar Saloon which included Riyad El-Sombati, Zakaria Ahmad, Ahmad Rami, and most of the contemporary artists between 1952 - 1969.

Immigrated from Egypt to England in 1970. Founder of the 8 string Arabic oud in 1980 which was certified by Mohamad Abdul Wahab, Wadee El-Safi, Sabbah Fakhry, Ahmad Fathi and others.
The first to modify the Arabic oud for thousands of years by founding the perfect mathematical formula to obtain the most sustained and best sound quality in the oud. Articles published in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper in 1983, Al-Arab newspaper in 1984, Al-Quds newspaper in 1998 and others. The inventor of the Orchestral Electronic oud, which can play over 300 different instruments, using the same fingering of the oud.

Combining the scientific and the musical knowledge which led to him to be the founder of the Plastic Nay in 1986, this instrument can be made according to pure mathematics and can be tuned from 1/2 tone to any fraction of a tone. This was certified by Mahmoud Effat and Sayed Mahmoud and Basheer Abdulal.

In the late 1980s has altered his modified Nay by inventing one Nay which replaces and supersedes a whole set of Nays. All these alterations and inventions were recognized by the Egyptian Academy of Arts and the Musical Institutions of Egypt and Turkey.

The alteration of the oud & Nay was recognized by the Musical Scientific establishments in many parts of the world.
Owns a private collection of video and audio recordings of approximately 15.000 hours many of them very rare.
Historian and Pan-Arab Authority in the history of music and Middle Eastern instrumentation. Some of the documentation and evidence can be seen in the references and videos sections in this web site, which clearly indicates that he is the first one to invent the synthetic nay and the 8 string oud and not like some imposters have claimed.


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